Stop USAF Chemtrails Attacks!

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I Am Being Harrassed and Tortured by US Intelligence Jets

I am being harassed and tortured by US Intelligence personnel with targeted acoustic weapons from their Chemtrails aircraft similar to those police have in cars to disperse crowds and magnetic wave weapons similar to those used to disable computer chips in cars during a high speed chase.

2011 - I went to Pentagon Visitation after reporting it to Virginia authorities and was shut up and shut down by NEIL RAFTERY claiming to be DIA & PENTAGON PROTECTION AGENCY using his badge and gross abuse of power and authority to tell everyone I was crazy and put my life in grave danger.  I'm being treated for severe pain from acoustic weapons up to 50 miles away from  US Chemtrails Aircraft with ULTRAM that could kill me if I were to be forced on anything sedative in nature - It would stop my heart!

2011 - I had just completed the following Vocational Rehabilitation 4-6 hour screening when the jerk insisted I was crazy and it was all in my head.  Since when are purple spots on your fingernails and hips from acoustic weapons torture, people hacking your medical records, hacking your phone records, hacking your e-mail using magnetic waves to trash your phone and computer once a year and death threats to intimidate and shut you up all in your head?

2008-2009 Neil Raftery - DIA & Not McCoy - Secret Service came out with Hermiston Police to Interview me and I WAS FORCED TO GO ON DISABILITY DUE TO THEIR GROSS NEGLIGENCE, FRAUD, WASTE, MISMANAGEMENT, ABUSE and Gross Abuse of Power!

2006 - I reported it to the Pendleton FBI and the Hermiston Police Department and they forced me to undergo a mental evaluation.  The doctor said I may have some funny ideas about the military but that I had no signs or symptoms whatsoever of mental illness and released me after several sessions.  The only doctor I saw for therapy was Brent Landkammer.  When the US Intelligence did not like what my doctor had to say they hacked into my medical records and put appointments I did not have with a doctor I did not see and conditions I was not diagnosed with.  For all I know, they may still be doing it and I don't live in Oregon anymore.  I gave up dealing with it and left!

I have tried to notify everyone I thought could do anything about it including Hermiston Police Officer retired, Gretchen Erickson, whom I babysat for as a teenager, my mother's boyfriends son who was a Sheriff, a Sheriff I went to chuch with as a child, all the USAF & Navy airbases, the Umatilla Army Depot where I lived, the justice department, the governor, etc.  The male FBI agent in Louisiana stated they could get on any airbase in the USA with their badge and the female FBI agent said it was not in their purview.

The year they claimed I was in therapy - I TRAINED FOR AND RAN PORTLAND, OR MARATHON in 4 hours and 3 minutes.

 All backup documentation for my claims was posted on this website and most was summarily deleted as done to everyone who reports this particular crime against humanity and US Citizens.  Many people are saying they are Targeted Individuals (TI) and confused about the weapons and entities doing the attacks.  However, they are all

1-having data disappear and similar events,

2-having symptoms such as red spots, burning, and claim sexual stimulation rather than assault.

3-ficticious email accounts and hacked email accounts opened.

4-gross negligence and abuse of power when reporting it to DOD/Intel personnel.

I gave them:

1 - documentaion for federal government to profile me with.

2 - complete copy of hacked medical records with hacking annotated - I usually only go to the doctor once a year for an annual phyisical, or did until the psycho USAF Chemtrails started assaulting and harassing me with acoustic weapons and magnetic weapons from their aircraft.

3 - marathons I ran and trained for while having no such diagnosis or medication.

4 -  work history with no such diagnosis or medication.

5 - things I accomplished when not being tortured by US Intelligence jets.

6 - telephone bills where US Intelligence changed my address from General Delivery in Hermiston, OR to Avril Ln.

7 - a woman with a french canadian accent called me and named herself after Hermiston Police Departments black drug dog Eva Kaz.

8-a man with a Rasta accent calling and pretending to be my college boyfriend Barrington Anthony Lewis from Jamaica who had a proper clipped English accent. 

I have called the FBI whenever they were torturing me and sent web Email and regular Email.  All these agents had to do was match up time date and place of contact with the FBI with their flight records to get rid of the people torturing me with targeted acoustic technology. 

I LIVED 15 MIN FROM A CHEMICAL WEAPONS DEPOT & 30 Min from a Nuclear Vitrification Plant.

 They not only tortured me at 2AM waking me from a dead sleep with hellish noise and pain, then in retribution every 3 hours from 2005-2010, but also 3-4 years on commercial jet flights. 

I photographed their Chemtrails everywhere when they had 50 of the aircraft and now they have 1,400 of the aircraft.

There are documented cases of increased heart attack and stroke in California whenever Chemtrails fly.  There are increased incidents around the world as well.

TONJA THOMAs at with 3Ls who keeps calling and pretending to be an INSPECTOR GENERAL and trying to force me to go to therapy when I hate psychiatrists, think they are crazier than their patients and think that only losers who have no direction, no friends and need someone to tell them what to do so they have an excuse when it fails - go to them! 

Jets I Photographed Flying Low Over Me in OR, PA, LA, VA...

 1 US Military Intel Jet Attacking Me Over Gettysburg, PA - 2009

2009 US Intel Jet Assaulting me with Accoustic-Magnetic Weapons flying Hermiston, OR

5+ US Intel Jets flying over Colorado attacking me on trip from OR to Kenner, LA - 12.23.20103-5 US Intel Jets flying over Colorado attacking me on trip from OR to Kenner, LA - 12.11.20101 Close up of 12.11.2010 Colorado jetsUS Intel Jets Attacking me at Airforce Memorial 1-Star Retirement in Arlington, VA - 2011

4 US Intel Jets Assaulting me with Acoustic-Magnetic Weapons flying over Kenner, LA - 2011

People I tried to Contact to Get Rid of US Intelligence Psychopathic Sociopathic Using Long Range Accoustic Device Weapons On Me from Jets!

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